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Chapter break

Frank is taking a two week break after the conclusion of Chapter 1 "Primo Uomo – The Leading Man". Chapter 2 "Cadenza – Falling" will begin on the 16th September.

Pass it on

If you are a regular reader, we'd like you to do us a favour. After the end of every chapter, pick one friend who you'd think would enjoy the story and recommend us. We'd appreciate it more than words can say!

Read the whole of Chapter 1 from the beginning.

Praise for Chapter 1 "Primo Uomo – The Leading Man".

"To be or not to be... You decide! Frank Sartre is slick, immersive, and relentless. We get swept up with the flying cars, dog-faced reporters, and killer highs--and like the title character, we're not all that certain whether Peaty and Reekie are taking us someplace safe. Essential reading!" Brandon Montclare - writer, Marvel's 'Fearsome Four'

"James Peaty and James Reekie are crafting a future-noir crime story that will knock your socks off. Sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll combine with an extremely fallible "hero" and a strange and wonderful supporting cast of theriocephalic beat reporters, drug dealers and cabbies to make this surreal webcomic the new 'must read'!  The two James deliver a kick-ass weekly shot in the arm to the comics world. Pay attention, or else! " Sterling Gates - writer, 'Hawk & Dove', 'Supergirl' and 'Kirby Genesis: Captain Victory'