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FS Ch03 Pages 24-28

Too_Right which Frank makes a date.

FS Ch03 Pages 21-24

You-always-do which Frank makes a call.

FS Ch03 Pages 16–20

Get_Paid which Frank get’s a break.

FS Ch03 Pages 13-16

Pleased_to_hear which Frank finishes a show.

FS Ch03 Pages 9-12

Mr_Sartre which Frank meets a friend for a bite.

FS Ch03 5–8

Now_thats_a_story which Frank and Sam get screwed.

FS Ch03 Pages 1-4

Whos_asking which young Frank goes for a drink on the wrong side of town.

Comic Heroes

“The Ballad of Frank Sartre” received a 4 star review in the small press section of the latest edition of Comic Heroes. Check it out!

FS Ch02 Pages 17-21

Heads_up which the plot thickens.

FS Ch02 Pages 13-16

Home which Frank goes home.

FS Ch02 Pages 9-12

wake-up-parasite which Frank buys a paper.

Geek Syndicate Review

Nuge from the fantastic Geek Syndicate gave us a glowing 4/5 review for Chapter 01 of “The Ballad of Frank Sartre”.

I can’t go a day it seems without stumbling across another fantastic title that people should be checking out. In this case of web comic The Ballad of Frank Sartre we have two fellas with a bucket load of talent, lots of ideas and the passion to back it all up.

“The Ballad of Frank Sartre web comic is a lovely mixture of sassy dames, sleezy musicians that are not all they seem,dialogue as sharp as some of the suits being worn with an atmosphere dripping with it’s gooey noir center.

Check it out here.

FS Ch02 Pages 5–7

What_happens_next which Frank has a rude awakening.

More Praise for Chapter 01

I know of a couple of great creative guys who are just hell bent on getting their web-comic out and about, so us - the fans - can appreciate their work. There comic is called 'The Ballad of Frank Sartre', and after looking thought it over the last couple of days, I can honestly say that it reminds me of Frank Miller meets 2000AD.” Jay,

Check out the fantastic

In Praise of Chapter 01


Read the whole of Chapter 1 from the beginning.

Praise for Chapter 1 "Primo Uomo – The Leading Man".

"To be or not to be... You decide! Frank Sartre is slick, immersive, and relentless. We get swept up with the flying cars, dog-faced reporters, and killer highs--and like the title character, we're not all that certain whether Peaty and Reekie are taking us someplace safe. Essential reading!"
Brandon Montclare - writer, Marvel's 'Fearsome Four'

"James Peaty and James Reekie are crafting a future-noir crime story that will knock your socks off. Sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll combine with an extremely fallible "hero" and a strange and wonderful supporting cast of theriocephalic beat reporters, drug dealers and cabbies to make this surreal webcomic the new 'must read'!  The two James deliver a kick-ass weekly shot in the arm to the comics world. Pay attention, or else! " Sterling Gates - writer, 'Hawk & Dove', 'Supergirl' and 'Kirby Genesis: Captain Victory'

Crime noir is something that doesn't have as much representation in comics as it should. It's a great genre when it's done right and it's even better when it's done free, as in The Ballad of Frank Sartre.” Jonathan Pilley,

Eeeew, didn't you already know about The Ballad Of Frank Sartre? Man, you're so unhip its a wonder your bum doesn't fall off! Thank God I'm here for you - now shut your flapping pie hole for 2 minutes and read the following press release. Then go and read the comic. Then tell your friends about it - and be sure to use a superior tone when you do cos you're doing them a favour, capiche?” Lee Grice, Small Press Big Mouth

FS Ch02 Pages 1-4

Band_practise which Frank goes to band practice.

FS Ch01 Pages 28–31

Screw_someone which a one night stand goes wrong.

This concludes Chapter one. Frank will now take a 2 week break. We’ll be back with the first instalment of Chapter 2 on Friday 16th September.

FS Ch01 Pages 24-27

Bar which Frank goes for a drink.

FS Ch01 Pages 20-23

You_Decide which Frank makes a sale.

FS Ch01 Pages 16-19

Stomach_Churnin which Frank sings and goes to the cinema.

FS Ch01 Pages 12-15

Pull_like_this which Frank visits an old friend.

A small piece of housekeeping from the management. Due to circumstances beyond our control the new episodes of Frank will post earlier (around 8am GMT) until further notice.

FS Ch01 Pages 8-11

eat_my_fleas which Frank deals with an annoying cab driver and a cat dies. Check it out.

FS Ch01 Pages 1-7 which Frank wakes up and hails a cab. Check it out.

Meet the Guys


THE BALLAD OF FRANK SARTRE - By James Peaty & James Reekie

"What have you done?"

Washed up club singer FRANK SARTRE is in the grip of depression. A depression fuelled by haunting, recurring dreams of a girl. A girl that holds the key to so many answers… yet seems forever out of reach.

As Frank fumbles around the surreal city of COSMOPOLIS, desperately trying to resurrect his career and find meaning, a mysterious killer is on the loose, terrifying the freaks and oddities that populate the metropolis. Intrepid reporter SAM PARADISE has smelt a connection, but can he join the dots between Frank and the killer before it's too late?

The Ballad of Frank Sartre is a original graphic novel, recommended for mature audiences, that will be published in it's entirety for free online every Friday on starting on Friday 15th July.

The Creators

James Peaty has been writing comics professionally since 2003. In that time he’s worked for both Marvel and DC Comics and recently completed a run on DC’s ongoing Supergirl title. The Ballad of Frank Sartre is his first creator-owned project.

Follow James Peaty on Twitter

James Reekie is a newcomer to the UK comic scene. Over the last few years he has been working extensively in the commercial illustration market, producing images for publications such as Wired, FHM and BBC Focus. James' sequential work will be appearing in many small press anthologies in 2011. The Ballad of Frank Sartre is his first major project.

Follow James Reekie on Twitter and check out his website here.

The Ballad of Frank Sartre


“The Ballad of Frank Sartre”, an original graphic novel by James Peaty and James Reekie launches this Friday at 12 noon GMT.

To be keep up to date, please follow
@franksartre on twitter or check this website for updates.

More news to come soon!