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“The Ballad of Frank Sartre” received a 4 star review in the small press section of the latest edition of Comic Heroes. Check it out!

Geek Syndicate Review

Nuge from the fantastic Geek Syndicate gave us a glowing 4/5 review for Chapter 01 of “The Ballad of Frank Sartre”.

I can’t go a day it seems without stumbling across another fantastic title that people should be checking out. In this case of web comic The Ballad of Frank Sartre we have two fellas with a bucket load of talent, lots of ideas and the passion to back it all up.

“The Ballad of Frank Sartre web comic is a lovely mixture of sassy dames, sleezy musicians that are not all they seem,dialogue as sharp as some of the suits being worn with an atmosphere dripping with it’s gooey noir center.

Check it out here.

More Praise for Chapter 01

I know of a couple of great creative guys who are just hell bent on getting their web-comic out and about, so us - the fans - can appreciate their work. There comic is called 'The Ballad of Frank Sartre', and after looking thought it over the last couple of days, I can honestly say that it reminds me of Frank Miller meets 2000AD.” Jay,

Check out the fantastic

In Praise of Chapter 01


Read the whole of Chapter 1 from the beginning.

Praise for Chapter 1 "Primo Uomo – The Leading Man".

"To be or not to be... You decide! Frank Sartre is slick, immersive, and relentless. We get swept up with the flying cars, dog-faced reporters, and killer highs--and like the title character, we're not all that certain whether Peaty and Reekie are taking us someplace safe. Essential reading!"
Brandon Montclare - writer, Marvel's 'Fearsome Four'

"James Peaty and James Reekie are crafting a future-noir crime story that will knock your socks off. Sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll combine with an extremely fallible "hero" and a strange and wonderful supporting cast of theriocephalic beat reporters, drug dealers and cabbies to make this surreal webcomic the new 'must read'!  The two James deliver a kick-ass weekly shot in the arm to the comics world. Pay attention, or else! " Sterling Gates - writer, 'Hawk & Dove', 'Supergirl' and 'Kirby Genesis: Captain Victory'

Crime noir is something that doesn't have as much representation in comics as it should. It's a great genre when it's done right and it's even better when it's done free, as in The Ballad of Frank Sartre.” Jonathan Pilley,

Eeeew, didn't you already know about The Ballad Of Frank Sartre? Man, you're so unhip its a wonder your bum doesn't fall off! Thank God I'm here for you - now shut your flapping pie hole for 2 minutes and read the following press release. Then go and read the comic. Then tell your friends about it - and be sure to use a superior tone when you do cos you're doing them a favour, capiche?” Lee Grice, Small Press Big Mouth