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FS Ch03 Pages 24-28

Too_Right which Frank makes a date.

FS Ch03 Pages 21-24

You-always-do which Frank makes a call.

FS Ch03 Pages 9-12

Mr_Sartre which Frank meets a friend for a bite.

FS Ch03 5–8

Now_thats_a_story which Frank and Sam get screwed.

FS Ch03 Pages 1-4

Whos_asking which young Frank goes for a drink on the wrong side of town.

FS Ch02 Pages 17-21

Heads_up which the plot thickens.

FS Ch02 Pages 13-16

Home which Frank goes home.

FS Ch02 Pages 9-12

wake-up-parasite which Frank buys a paper.

FS Ch02 Pages 5–7

What_happens_next which Frank has a rude awakening.

FS Ch02 Pages 1-4

Band_practise which Frank goes to band practice.

FS Ch01 Pages 28–31

Screw_someone which a one night stand goes wrong.

This concludes Chapter one. Frank will now take a 2 week break. We’ll be back with the first instalment of Chapter 2 on Friday 16th September.

FS Ch01 Pages 24-27

Bar which Frank goes for a drink.

FS Ch01 Pages 20-23

You_Decide which Frank makes a sale.

FS Ch01 Pages 16-19

Stomach_Churnin which Frank sings and goes to the cinema.

FS Ch01 Pages 12-15

Pull_like_this which Frank visits an old friend.

A small piece of housekeeping from the management. Due to circumstances beyond our control the new episodes of Frank will post earlier (around 8am GMT) until further notice.

FS Ch01 Pages 8-11

eat_my_fleas which Frank deals with an annoying cab driver and a cat dies. Check it out.

FS Ch01 Pages 1-7 which Frank wakes up and hails a cab. Check it out.